Stunt Cat

Platform: Java
Category: Platform
Release Date: 03.2011
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Stunt Cat mobile game is a platform game featuring Kedy as the unemployed desperate stunt. Kedy is workless for 6 months and he is in depression, he has to find something to do.

One day Kedy sees an announcement while walking around. Kedy decides to give it a try and applies for the job. It seems that the job is a stunt's job judging by the injured and wounded cats in the waiting room. Since the other cats are injured, Kedy is recruited for the job as Arno Starno's stunt.

Worried but happy, Kedy is starting a new adventure … Let's see what it has to come for his nine lives.

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How to play
Fly Kedy up, down, right and left using [Arrow Keys]. Try to collect objects to earn points and avoid traps, electric clouds, ninja crows, etc. Going long distance brings more points.
Control Keys
[2] / [Up] - Up
[4] / [Left] - Left
[6] / [Right] - Right
[8] / [Down] - Down