Gangster Town

Platform: Java
Category: Racing
Release Date: 04.2011
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Kate and West is in their car touring around the town. They are looking for new targets.

Kate is the smartest and she is the brain of the crime team. She drives the car, does plans and gives signal to West when it is time for action.

West on the other hand is Kate's lover, hero and hitman when needed. He is in the crime world since he was a teenager and got addicted to the adrenaline of committing crime.

Kate is so demanding…She always wants West to do missions for her. West doesn't question Kate, just do what is told to him. Isn't it true love?… or an excuse for committing crime.

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How to play
You are West driving around the city and do the missions for Kate. Keep low profile and do the missions as soon as possible.

Control Keys
[FIRE] - engine start
[8] - move forward
[2] - move backward
[4] - steer left
[6] - steer right
[3] - free camera
[1] - car camera