Where Is My Stuff

Platform: Android
Category: Puzzle
Release Date: 01.2015
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The chance to be somebody else for a day is waiting for you! Live a day of our guy and help him to get through his daily life in the Hidden Object Puzzle Game "Where's My stuff?" Life is going just fine for our guy. He has a nice house, has a good job, has lots of women in his life. But he's a messy kind of guy and his stuff always seems to go missing and you will help him find them. Every day, our guy wakes up, gets ready for work, goes to work and after that he goes to the pub to relax and maybe to pick up some girls. You have to find the objects related to the occasion. Through your day you will prepare breakfast, go shopping, clean the car, grab a drink in the pub and do various everyday stuff. Become a completely different person and live through his life in "Where's My stuff?" TRY THE GAME FOR FREE, THEN UNLOCK THE FULL ADVENTURE FROM WITHIN THE GAME COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE! Features 15 beautiful designed and challenging levels Hundereds of objects to find, everytime you play the same level, you'll get new objects. Colorful graphics and music Funny and entertaining storyline

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